I’ve forgotten how to do this!

Well, anyway, here’s a couple of photos I took. I can’t remember where, but they look like the work of a certain Bryn Oh, so I guess a search on his name should locate them eventually. I’ll be better next time, and actually note where I was when I took the picture!


Que sera, Sera

Que sera, Sera

I see it happen more and more, over the last year or two.  The initial enchantment of sl fades, fun money gets tight, time pressures in rl increase, and people scale back their time in sl.  There’s nothing to be done about it, but accept it, as my acid-cute friend Sera is doing, by letting her property go.  Whatever will be, will be.  Que sera, Sera.

Shadows, DoF, and all

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know I’ve played with shadows since they first appeared (though hidden away) in the debug menu.  And now they’re here in the mainstream viewer, after a year or more.  And though running with shadows enabled is guaranteed to warm up your graphics card, they’re worth it.  There’s also a feature to imitate ‘depth of field’ – the behaviour that means that the thing you’re looking at is in focus, but things further away (nearer or more distant) are blurred.

Personally, I don’t think depth of field adds a lot – certainly not in comparison to shadows.  And my suspicion is that DoF requires a bit more graphics card grunt than shadows… it definitely makes my card struggle.

Anyway – if you want to play, the settings are in the new Linden Labs viewer, in ‘preferences’ dialog, on the graphics tab.  You’ll notice, I think, that if you enable shadows you’ll lose antialiasing, so you may notice some jaggies.  But it’s still worth it.