About Ava

Yes – it’s all about me.  I guess the whole thing is about me, really, but here goes anyway…

As you might already have guessed, Ava is a resident of the Second Life virtual world. Of course, she doesn’t see it that way. To her, you are secondary and virtual. And what you call Real Life, to her is ephemeral.

Like all SL residents, she has an RL counterpart. She describes hers as a ‘sister’, which is true in many ways, and misleading in many more.

That said, Ava’s sister lives in the UK Midlands, and works for a bank. She spends as much time lending money to people as she does getting it back again. It’s just a sad fact of life.


In May ’09, she was married – well, ‘partnered’ in sl terms – to Vextra Messing.  It’s quite possibly the best thing she’s done.  Ava and Vex are building a home together in Scepter’d Isle.


In December 2010, somewhat to her surprise, the partnership ended. As always with these things, it’s tempting to look back and analyse the failings, but it’s more helpful – at least in SL – to look back and enjoy good memories.
All things pass. We can only alter the manner of their passing.


In 2011, she met Kathy, and in 2012 partnered again.  By 2013, Kathy had taught her more about herself than all the previous decades of self-analysis had revealed. Her partnership ended, outgrown.  And Ava started to feel much more comfortable with herself.


 Below is a short history of this site…

2014.01: The blog stuttered and faltered, and was neglected for most of 2012 & 2013. In January 2014 a couple of galleries of photos, summarising those years, was added. And so began another attempt to see out there’s life the old blog yet.

2010.01: After running this blog as a self-hosted wordpress install, I decided to move it back to wordpress.com. Why? Two reasons. First, I’d played all I wanted to with wordpress – new themes, updates, all that stuff. Second, I don’t want to pay for the hosting once it expires, so it seemed sensible to make sure I could do all I wanted with the free wordpress.com version. And here it is.

2008.05.25: It’s a long weekend. A holiday weekend. And it’s getting close to the point where this site should be made public. Of course, it already is public – you can google ‘Ava Ganache’ and find it pretty quick. But I haven’t told anyone about it, other than dropping hints to friends. So if I can get it into a reasonable state I’ll let them know soon.

2008.04.17: Ok – I’ve decided to give WordPress another go. Let’s see if I’m any better this time around. Meanwhile, take a look at the blog, and drop in a comment or two if you’d be so kind.

I’ve been rather lazy with this WordPress thing. I keep meaning to spend more time on it, but I keep updating my blog at Blogger instead. I can see that this WordPress thing should be better. Maybe even much better.