Happy birthday to me

Resting in Vex’s lap, both of is wearing new hair we’d bought at Amacci.  Warming in front of the fire at Vex’s weekender in Twisster.

Time for some thinking.

I turned five this week.  Vex noticed, as did Corwin.  It rather passed me by, though I notice I often start sentences with “Back in the day…” or some such.  A lot has changed in those years – at least, a lot in sl has changed.  The one thing I’ve realised is the strength and the excitement I gain from old friends and new.  The intimacy I’ve shared with many people, that comes from knowing them through their thoughts.

SL is truly a voyage of discovery.  It’s the discovery of new lands, of new creations, of things that individuals and groups of people have created from nothing.  More than this, though, SL has been and continues to be a voyage through my own mind, and a discovery of who I am.

I know I need certain people in my life, though I only discovered how true that is when confronted with the thought of them taking a different path.  I know I need to feel wanted.  I know I enjoy discovering new people with the hope that they’ll stay with me, yet I know just a few will remain.

For all that I’ve learned, I thank you.




  1. Couldn’t be happier to have met you Ava, and couldn’t be more proud to be yours. Your words articulate so well how I feel too. It’s been a wonder to learn who I am, and a joy to have lived it with you.

    ps: I was thinking of you Peter – happy 4th rez-day you! 🙂

  2. You two are so adorable. Not to mention gorgeous. 🙂

    Happiest of rezdays, Ava! Our timezones have somehow drifted further apart over the years, but flirting with you in IM at Pier, and all the inneresting things that happened after that, are still some of specialest (and perhaps specialist) things in my checkered SL career. Smiles an’ puns always, and look forward to bumping into you (and y’all) in future.

    • We really do see too little of each other these days, my dearest Dale, but though I see you rarely, you’re rarely far from my thoughts. Really rarely.

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