Snakura *ART*

A few photos from this impressive steampunk island

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I guess I should apologize if it doesn’t quite look like this for you.  I’m still running Viewer 2 with shadows turned on, and it changes the look of some of the buildings here quite dramatically.  A case in point is the shadows cast by this wrought iron roof…

There are downsides to running with permanent shadows, of course – if there weren’t, everyone would do it.

One problem is that you need some hardware with a moderate amount of grunt – in my case, an nVidia GTX260 graphics card in a fairly fast 4-core AMD Phenom, running a pae-patched linux kernel.  (If that means nothing to you, fear not.  It didn’t mean a lot to me either).

A second issue is that to run with shadows, it’s necessary (for now, at least) to give up antialiasing – with the result that hard lines feature sawtooth jaggies.  The effect isn’t so bad on a high resolution monitor.  I just wish I had one.


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