We’re all doomed! (or maybe not, depending)

Possibly the clearest thinking on globalwarmingness I’ve ever heard.  And this guy is 90…

BBC News – Today – Lovelock: ‘We can’t save the planet’.

“Trying to save the planet is a lot of nonsense, because we can’t do it.  We’re full of hubris, and we think we can do this kind of thing, but we’re not clever enough yet, and I don’t think we will be in time.  The sensible thing to do is enjoy life while you can”.

Prof. James Lovelock.

(I’m not sure if you can see the video clips of the interview if you’re not in the UK… it’s a BBC thing.  There may be interviews with Prof. Lovelock elsewhere in the intertubes).


One comment

  1. Lovelock’s statements are very sobering and wise, and what he says about hubris rings totally true, though a little apathetic and resigned. While the planet itself doesn’t need “saving” it looks like humanity and other life on it may. And on the off chance we can make a difference to help, I believe the right thing is to learn to try. I’d rather like to think we can reduce the destruction of old growth forest and save some polar bears, and learn to be more enlightened beings in the process. It would be nice to leave at least something to the hedonist generations of the future 🙂

    ps: Happy to report I was able to view them, possibly because it’s the BBC News and not a full length program.

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