Emerald weirdness (encore)

Here’s something I’d all but forgotten.  Once upon a time, the mainstream LL viewer showed this behaviour often.  Now, in a flash of brilliance, the Emerald viewer has resurrected this feature.  I wonder if they’ll reintroduce the ‘shoe-up-the-ass-after-tp’ feature too.

Nostalgia is wonderful.  This had me bent double with laughter…



  1. There is something going on with SL there. A few days ago (before any Emerald Update etc) there were several people in a few regions that had their left arm being tugged straight out ahead of them if they happened to turn off their AO. Naturally, you are going to assume that there is a scripted object nearby. But after a very thorough check by everyone there, I asked a Linden to have a look and no objects were found that may have been assuming permissions and the region appeared to be clean. This anomaly was happening to several residents using at least 4 different viewers including 1.23 and Snowglobe.

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