What’s the Buzz?

Everyone else is doing it, so I’m doing it too.  Unlike the lukewarm reception that Google’s Wave seems to have encountered (perhaps because it’s a solution in search of a problem), Google’s Buzz seems to have hit the ground running.  Probably, that’s because it was rolled out using the ‘no-beta, force it on you’ model, rather than the ‘test it on friendly people’ model.

Either way, it’s here.  I must admit, I puzzled over how to link this blog to Buzz.  But having read Vextra’s post, and followed the instructions in the page she mentioned, hopefully here we are, all working.

By linking this blog to Buzz, maybe a few more people will read it.  Welcome, if you’re a newcomer – but then you won’t visit the blog proper.  My paltry stats will look even more paltry, and all that effort I put in to getting the theme just right will be wasted.  You’ll just see me in Google-standard white-and-blue.

Every silver lining has a cloud, it seems.


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