I have no idea what DDLE means… as far as I know it’s just the name of a sim I visited in an idle moment.  It’s a nice place to look around, as you can see.

What caught my attention wasn’t really the sim itself, though.  It was the collection of clutter and junk that visitors seem happy to leave behind.

In RL, I live in a village some distance from the city.  It’s mostly a quiet, pretty, typically English village.  Except during the summer, when people go for a drive at the weekend, and pick up a burger at the McD’s a couple of miles away from me.  By the time they pass through the village, the burger and the fries are cold or finished, and the Coke is flat.  And because people don’t like to travel with their litter, they dispose of it in the easiest way possible.  Out of the car window.

The same phenomenon happens in SL, it seems, but with slightly more bizarre detritus.  While I was camming around, getting my bearings in DDLE, I cam across a peculiar assortment of plywood cubes, spheres, and cylinders, a cluster of lamp stands vaguely resembling tall thin illuminated mushrooms, and a bus in the river…

On the other hand, the nice thing about the increasingly popular Emerald viewer is that you can ‘de-render’ the clutter if you want to.  So it’s possible to turn


Of course, the landowner could always set the parcel to ‘return to sender’, which would be a sensible and trivial step to take.  But in the end, I guess, litter is just one of the many ways SL imitates RL.



  1. If only RL were so easy! I have a few ugly buildings nearby that could use a derender 🙂

    PS: love the new blog theme!

    • I really ought to settle on a theme, I suppose. But those nice WordPress people keep introducing new themes, and I just feel obliged to test them.

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