I should Coco!

Vex took me to Coco earlier, after I said to her how much I liked her jacket.  The one in the photo below…

Well, I guess you can see why I like the jacket.

Anyway, I ended up buying half the store.  It’s what I do these days.  I virtuously spend almost nothing for a couple of weeks, then splurge a small fortune in a couple of hours.  Financial bulimia.

I bought rather a lot of very nice things, but while camming around (I ought to walk, I know, and I certainly need the exercise after the weight I put on over Christmas) I noticed the unusual sight above the roof of the store.  Snow, and a seaplane.

Nice touch.

By the way, the title “I should Coco!” is a play on a back-and-white-movies-old, very British phrase “I should cocoa!”.  It’s a form of rhyming slang for “I should say so!”, but it’s meant sarcastically.  So, “I should cocoa!” means “Not on your life!”.  We’re a strange people, we Brits.


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