Commune 1

A lot of things in sl are changing.  Whether it’s a case of reaching maturity, or of moving on to the ‘next great thing’ I don’t know, but it seems to me that sl has stabilised.  Or matured.  Or stagnated, if you prefer.  Or perhaps it’s consolidating.

However you describe it, it feels like there’s not the turnover of people, and not the influx of newcomers that there once was.  Someone will surely find hard numerical facts to contradict me, but that’s not the point.  The point is, that’s how it feels.

The last significant development in the sl feature set was the introduction of sculpties.  It’s so long ago that I can’t remember.  The only recent development in the viewer was the addition of bouncy boobs.  Much appreciated, but it’s not a feature of the official viewer – it’s a feature of the open source ‘Emerald’ viewer.  Where has all the innovation gone?  Is it all less exciting when things have become more stable?  Has it all drifted, from bleeding edge, to simply bleeding?

Well, whatever the answers to those (if you have any, please comment), one thing that has passed, more-or-less in consequence, is Commune 1.

Commune 1 was a piece of mainland owned and run by Corwin.  It wasn’t big.  It was set up as a cheap way to gain a foothold in sl – you could hire a skybox (even design and build your own) at no more than a fair share of the cost.  No profit.  And Corwin took on the task of tidying up the lost prims.  Many of my current friends started their second lives in Commune 1, and none that I know regrets it.  I’m proud to have had a tiny part in its origins, and I sincerely thank Corwin for bringing the idea to fruition.

It’s now gone, but it won’t be forgotten by anyone who lived there.  They’ve moved on, happier for what it gave them.



  1. /me is sorry to see Commune 1 go, and grateful for some fun times spent there with a handsome Chicken farmer towards the end of its days! Luckily I hear the farmer is still around has simply moved to the city 🙂

    As for the tech, It does seem to me (as someone that’s come into SL after the introduction of sculpties) that new features that allow for change are few and far between.

    However I mentioned there were a few on the horizon I’m aware of, so I’ll list them:

    Flexible Sculpties (Qarl Linden)
    Mesh Import which could change building even more than sculpties did (unveiled at SLCC)
    Dynamic Shadows (already in viewers, but waiting for us to get better machines)
    Addition of C# as an alternative/improvement to LSL and “Big Scripts Project” allowing scripts to use much larger amount of memory, saving having to have multiple scripts communicate with each other. (Babbage Linden)

    Also upcoming LSL functions:

    llGetParcelDetails(llGetPos(), [PARCEL_DETAILS_ID])

    As I understand these should gradually lead to some pretty nifty scripted objects we’ve not seen before.

    There are others, such as Improved Avatar Mesh and Alpha channel for avatars (i.e. no more invisiprims!) which I am aware of but for which I have not heard any official announcements from any Linden sources.

  2. I am sad to hear about the Commune officially ending also, even though I know about it mostly from stories. They were good stories. 🙂

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