Going green

See… I said I’d get bored with themes.  Am I terrible, or what?

As a little aside, and hoping in a way that the title doesn’t draw too much attention to the rest of this post…

I’m not much of a political person in rl, but there are some features of UK politics which I find absolutely abhorrent.  The blatant attempt to buy votes as a general election approaches is just one example.

One such is a recent announcement that every ‘low income’ household with children (which roughly means Labour’s target voters) will be given a free laptop.  That’s right. A free laptop. Obviously a lot of these will be on eBay the day after they’re received, to be traded for beer and cigarettes, but someone else has clearly thought this through, and placed a pre-emptive add on eBay already.

I nearly wet myself reading it.

As a nice touch, the final proceeds from the ‘sale’ will got to the Haiti earthquake appeal.

ps… still fiddling…now it’s a sorta blue-green 🙂


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