It takes all sorts of people

I noticed a new house appear at the corner of our sim, and thought “That’s a nice looking house… I wonder who built it”.  A couple of right clicks later, and I had an answer: isa Paris.  Following the ‘Classified’ tab link to her profile turned up a link to her store.  So far, so unexceptional.  Then it gets weird.

I tp’d to her store, took a quick look around, and thought something like “This is a really good way to display houses – and they’re really good-looking houses”.  And because the sim looked good, I thought I’d cam out and take a photo.

Big mistake.

The torrent of venom that I got from Mme. Paris in IM, the moment I took the photo, was unbelievable (I wouldn’t repeat it, even if it I was allowed to under the Lindens terms of service).  Apparently, it’s against her rules to take photos on her sim.  Now, regardless of whether that’s a reasonable rule, or an outright ridiculous one, I can’t see that there’s any need for insulting language.  And in any case, it would have been a good idea to advertise her ‘rules’.

To give you an idea of what her houses look like, this one can be seen from the roof of my own house.

Now, to me that looks really good, and I’d be proud to let others see it and appreciate my work.  For reasons I cannot understand, isa Paris seems to think differently.

And for that reason, I can’t recommend that you visit her sim, and I won’t be considering her work when I next want a house.

There are some very strange people about, but this one takes the biscuit.  Or maybe the fruitcake.



  1. The SL Terms of Service grant me a non-exclusive license to use the content in SL. Taking photos has been an integral part of every SL viewer for many many years. There is no written rule anywhere limiting the usage of these photos – in contrast to written rules about using IM’s for example. There has been prior use of publishing SL photos for many many years, and Linden Lab has made no notion to forbid this. There exist many settings to regulate parcel usage: no fly, no script, no rez or regulating access. There is NO setting to regulate taking photographs.

    In one word: this creator has no way to enforce her claim. And she might even violate the ToS by unilaterally trying to restrict my content using license.

    Besides that, from a business perspective it is just plan silly to forbid people showing your creations around.

    • I did wonder about the ToS aspect, but I couldn’t see anything specific. I guess, though, your interpretation makes sense – else how could you use sl? And if her concern is about plagiarism, does she insist that her customers hide their houses from public view somehow?

  2. There was a debate a few years ago what you’d need to credit in SL fashion photography, and if background scenery needed to be credited as well. Not only pointed people out that it would be quite hard to track down the creators of everything visible in a shot, but also that it would not be handlebar in the first place. If you get right down to it, even the creator of a custom terrain texture would need to be credited. In that discussion people also wondered if a creator might have a right to deny publication – and this was defeated in regards of the usage terms of LL. What you see, you are allowed to use from a visual point of view.

  3. Ok, if she doesnt like you to take snaps, switch on “Silent Snapshots”, then she doesn’t find out you do… or use FRAPS for the photos… OR use FRAPS to take a short movie. 😛 She didn’t disallow to take movies, did she? ;-D

  4. also just a note about the LL TOS re: im’s…they only refer to sharing IM’s withing SL itself. The TOS cannot and does not cover sharing IM’s outside of their servers since they have no legal right to do so.

    In other words, their TOS only refers to their servers. Not that I recommend sharing said IM on a blog but if you had wanted to….you would have been well within your rights of doing so since the blog in question is not hosted on LL servers.

    The “I’m gonna report you to LL for sharing our private IM’s on the blog/non LL related forums, etc” card is pulled often and LL has absolutely no jurisdiction when it comes to servers that are not their own. Which is why nobody has ever been banned/warned or sent to the old cornfield for posting IM’s on blogs/non related LL servers.

  5. At least from May 2010, this policy applies…
    LL Snapshot and Machinima policy
    So, it would seem that in certain cases, permission of the land owner is required for taking snapshots. In particular, section 2.a.1 says:

    For Snapshots, check whether the covenant for the land prohibits snapshots. If it does, then you need special permission from the land owner to take the snapshot. If it allows snapshots or doesn’t address them, then you do not need special permission from the land owner as long as you comply with any terms that may be in the covenant.

    • For the curious, the “Isa Variations” sim covenant (as displayed on 31st March 2010) does not mention snapshots, though I had to get a friend to check it. I seem to be banned. How tragic.
      As a result, it would appear that you’re welcome to go there, wave the Snapshot and Machinima policy at anyone who’ll look at it, and take as many snapshots as you like.

      At least, until you get banned too.

    • One more comment… some distance away (I’m told) from the sim’s landing zone, there’s a sign which looks like the one in the screenshot below…

      Lastly (for now), section 4(o) of the ‘snapshot policy’ says “Snapshot” means a screen capture, image capture, or photograph of the three-dimensional virtual world environment of Second Life.. Lucky, then, that my friend had a valid licence.

      By the way – is it normal for terms such as these to attempt to control screenshots?

  6. I was surprised and somewhat disappointed to discover today that LL endorses the use of covenant to restrict the legal ability to take snapshots in their Snapshot and Machinima policy, and I came here to make a note and now see you’ve already included it in the discussion. 🙂 The way I see it, it’s my computer and I should be able to take a picture when I want. Taking snapshots for the purposes of keepsakes or blogging aside, what if something happens to me in the sim of which I wanted proof of? It seems like an unfair limitation to me.

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