Cold comfort

I’ve just realised the common thread in the last couple of posts.  It’s cold.  In fact, in rl it’s as cold as I can ever remember it.  The picture below was taken a couple of days ago when the most recent dose of snow fell.  It’s not quite so pretty now.  And in case you’re wondering… yes, that’s a part of my rl garden under that snow.  Buried in there, somewhere by the wall, is a barbecue.

Oh… for the technically curious, the only thing I’ve done to this photo is straighten it a little and rescale it.  Otherwise it’s just as it came from the camera, with the white balance set to Auto – which is why, I guess, the foreground (lit by fluorescent lighting in the kitchen) seems natural, and the background (lit by the fading ambient light) is blue.

For the record, it’s apparently -6 C, and probably getting colder.



  1. There’s something to be said for British countrysides. They somehow always remind of faerie tales and/or Harry Potter. There’s something to the ways your hills look and your houses are arranged…

    We have 15cm of snow for over a week now and -5°C. For tomorrow severe snowstorms and lots of snow are forecast.

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